Life’s Purpose

September 6, 2010 — Leave a comment

My life has allowed me to go through certain things and see certain things that keep me continually thinking about my purpose here on this world. Life is a crazy thing. Sometimes you may be riding cloud nine and the next week, day or even minute life may have you begging for mercy. The floods of emotions that a single person can go through in a 24 hour period are mind blowing. In a way we should all be labeled as being bi-polar because of the emotional swings we may have on a daily basis.

So why is life so crazy and filled with more emotions and drama than a sold out Justin Bieber concert? Why does it seem like “when it rains it pours” is a common expression that can be heard more frequently now than ever before? I truly believe that a persons purpose on this earth is directly related to the emotional roller coaster they are riding on. The lord has allowed me to experience certain feelings at different points in my life to guide my decisions. While teaching a couple of sundays ago I mentioned how much i love sports……watching, playing, talking, thinking…….it doesn’t matter I simply love sports. My senior year in high school I was offered a scholarship to play baseball at Williams Baptist College. Pretty awesome huh? Looking back on it today as a 27 year old out of shape wanna be its even cooler now then it was back then. Actually there is no contest to how cool it was now vs. then because for some reason unknown to me God kept me from getting excited about my future in sports. I don’t know how that could ever happen but i absolutely had no excitement about playing baseball at that point in my life, it was for lack of trying because I visited the campus several times. One of those visits I even watched a baseball game………..and they were GOOD!

Something that I see now is that God’s purpose for our future is much more important than any personal interest or hobby person could ever have. If you are seeking God’s purpose in your life and are questioning the emotions you are feeling…….DON’T! Enjoy life’s roller coaster knowing that God is in control.

Least of these,


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