The Importance of a Posse

September 8, 2010 — Leave a comment

Throughout history in every good movie or book we have learned what a posse is supposed to be. The Three Musketeers, The Bad News Bears, Walker and Trivet Texas Rangers, Lewis and Clark, The Three Stooges, All of the Cartwrights, Andy and Barney, Ocean’s eleven, twelve and thirteen- all have shown some characteristics of a posse. It has been said before that a person is only as good as the posse that he rides with. Even Jesus had a posse made up of twelve disciples.

The principle of a posse is congruent with the principle of a team. So what makes a good team or posse? The Yankees have made it clear that money cannot successfully buy a posse. (Yes I am a Cardinals fan and No I don’t like the Yankees) The Three Stooges have shown that it doesn’t take brains to make a good posse (many could argue that the Three Stooges weren’t a good posse but I would argue that if you know them by their names than they made an impact on you, making them a good posse). 1 Chronicles 12 tells about David’s posse. Why did David even need a posse? He defeated the Hulk Hogan of his time, lions, tigers, and bears. Not only did he defeat them but the bible tells us that in some cases he ran after a lion or bear and tackled it!! I want to know what David was taking that would make him think he could not just defeat one of the top animals on the food chain but run after them and tackle them in order to save one sheep! I would be ecstatic to escape with my life if I was spotted by a wild bear or lion but to run after it……….nah I will pass. If the insanely ridiculous man’s man needs a posse then I would venture to guess that someone of my nature could probable use one as well.

David did accomplish amazing things throughout his life and kingship but the “man after God’s own heart” felt like it was a good idea to surround himself with a group of guys who could help him when the stuff hit the fan. A time of need is something that we all have, some more than others, but undoubtedly we all have. David’s posse was made up of not just anybodies but of people he personally selected because of their prior experiences. One person from his posse killed 300 men in one encounter. Another member of David’s posse was with David in battle and together they were running from some Philistines when all of a sudden in the middle of a barley field this posse member stopped and said “enough is enough,” he then proceeded to strike the Philistines down. One of his other men had a crazy encounter with a lion in a pit full of snow and of course he won, probable hands down. David’s posse was made up of qualified people who were badder than Chuck Liddell could ever dream to be. However, I think that if you were able to ask David why he selected those specific men he wouldn’t say because of the things they did but instead because of the things they would do! 1 Chronicles 11:15-19 describes one of the low points of David’s life in which he fled into the cave of Adullum and was hiding from his arched rivals the Philistines. During his stay in the cave the bible says that David longed for some water (v.17). Not just any water that was easily accessible but specific water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem. Bethlehem had the equivalent of bottled Fiji water at the time. So his posse risked their lives to sneak out and get David water from that specific well. After risking their necks David didn’t even drink the water! lol

Every person needs a posse! Barney needed Andy and you need God. It is important that you know that God wants you to join his posse. You may or may not think you are qualified to join posse with the King but lucky for you God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. Many times a person’s mistake stricken past makes them the perfect fit to join God’s posse because he can use them as a before and after example. David’s men didn’t make themselves great because of what they did on their own. They became great when joined the posse of a King and became willing to do whatever he asked!

Least of these,


Here is a pic of my posse back in the golden days. Can you guess which warrior I was?


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