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October 24, 2010 — Leave a comment

First i want to talk a bit about giving……Giving has changed my life drastically. It has morphed my bank account and has crept into my entire family’s hearts and changed the character of who we are. Giving is addicting! It is kind of like Pringles “once you pop you just can’t stop.” I know that was corny, but its true. Turning the pages back a while I find myself a newly married man who was worried about being a “provider!” I was more worried about paying the new home mortgage and family car payment than religiously paying my tithes. After a year of carrying around the ole ball and chain and an eye-opening marriage conference we made a commitment to tithe first, before any other payments. The first couple of months were very hard for me because I knew the math didn’t add up, there would not be enough money at the end of month to get all the bills paid! I would run the numbers again and again, I mean I was one of those sick kids in high school who enjoyed trigonometry and calculus and it still didn’t add up. However, two months went by and every bill got paid!!! It was then that I realized that no one can ever out give God. Those two months created a crazy giving machine!!!! My wife and I will look for people to help, we are involved in missions at church, and one of our favorite pastimes is the give and run. If you haven’t tried it you definitely should. You do exactly how it sounds. Find someone with a need, gather whatever it is, give it, and run! We have since then decided to challenge God with our tithes. Last year we increased our tithes to 12% and we cant hardly wait for January to get here to go to up 14%. I’m not saying this to brag but to inform you of how your life can be changed! I pray that you give it a try and CHALLENGE God to bless you!!!!!

To make true to the title of this blog I have to talk about another subject. What greater topic to discuss tonight than the great MIZZOU tigers. How bout it! No one gave them respect today on college football live but the ZOU proved it to the world tonight. They are the real deal. So many positives to talk about in the game tonight……offensive line line a stone wall……crazy defense like a bag of water squirrels……Gabbert showed some maturation and a Chuck Norris arm! All in all the future is theirs if they want it. The next three weeks will be an enormous task but none tougher than tonight. MIZ


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