My Fingers Hurt

November 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

My wife and I have recently been putting forth a valiant effort to complete our basement before the next little Proffer comes along (March). She calls it her nesting stage…….I call it doing work, son! No matter what you call it hard work is where it’s at. I will be honest my current occupation has spoiled me a bit……it has definitely got me out of touch of shingling days. Over the last week my wife and I have completed a tongue and groove ceiling in our basement and framed in the duck work and wrapped it with some old barn tin. Sounds easy enough right? Well it’s not……..when you take into consideration my OCD and my only helper wife being 5 months pregnant.

At the end of the day though hard work brings a since of accomplishment and not to mention a good nights sleep! I miss being able to do hard manual labor every once in a while. I think I will continue to find projects around the house to get my fix. Maybe this is why Jesus was a carpenter…………I mean we all know that he could have just snapped his fingers and created the worlds best rocking chair but the satisfaction of manipulating tools, your mind, and your body in order to create an idea is unlike any other.

I want to continue for the rest of my life trying to be a person who will at least attempt to do things I have never done. Being creative and hard work is two characteristics I want my son(s) to have and what better way to learn than from their Dad. ( no I don’t know what he next kid is gonna be but I am speaking in faith ).


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