Repercussions of the Biggest Loser

November 15, 2010 — 2 Comments

Am I alone or does anyone else feel fatter and less motivated to do anything after sitting on the couch, eating, and watching an episode of the biggest loser? I’ve been watching the biggest loser for several years now. I find it pretty entertaining, educational, and comical at times. However, over the last year i find myself being less motivated to exercise after watching the show. Is it because the show seems to be turning into a game instead of a show to help obese people, or maybe it’s because I’m watching these overweight people work their butt off (not literally) and lose only four pounds?

FOUR POUNDS! SERIOUSLY? These people have a full time job of losing weight, not to mention two of the best trainers in the world, the best dieting food, and the best training equipment known to man. I don’t know about you but that just makes me want to eat another bowl of ice-cream. Why bother watching your figure when you have all the stars aligned in your favor to lose weight and then you throw up a whopping four pounds………I think I’ve eaten hamburgers that weighed four pounds!

I’m not cracking down on the “biggest losers” because it has to take serious dedication and hard work. I’m saying that the Biggest Loser is starting to have a reverse affect on the people who are watching it. The best thing i have gotten out of the Biggest Loser is the Extra Gum they are promoting all the time. That stuff is life changing good! Try the key lime pie flavor it will blow your mind!!

I think the beginning point to all of this was the climatical first episode this year where the contestants had to run a mile to get on the show. Almost to the finish line a bearded guy fell down on his face, tried to get back up and fell down again. SPLAT! The funny part however was the older women who was caught up with him. Instead of stopping to ask if he was ok, or hurt, or for that matter checking to see if he was dead, she almost stepped on the back of his head to get by him. At that point everything changed for the Biggest Loser.


2 responses to Repercussions of the Biggest Loser


    Wow, this has got to be the BEST blog i have ever read. I’m definitely your biggest fan. I LOVE YOU

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