Spiritual Funk

May 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

It’s is easy to get passionate and emotional about something that you desire so much. I am talking about a desire that you would give your left leg for. Something that you yearn for……much like the way we desired the grace of God to forgive us of our sins. When we are in need of something the passion immediately starts to raise and it it’s easy to get into worship, the sermon, a teaching, or anything else related to the trinity. But what about when our lives are right? What about when you are in the middle of God’s purpose for your life. Do you ever find it difficult to go deeper into the presence of God? Many times Christians find themselves in a spiritual funk. They have gone through the spiritual high period of needing, pursuing, and doing anything it takes in order to have God’s grace. But once there life is right they have trouble converting that same passionate pursuit into a pursuit of praise. Thats right a pursuit of praise. It’s hard to say but needs to be said……..if we are pursuing something that will benefit US, lift US, make US better, keep US out of hell it’s easy to get passionate. But what about serving? Why can’t we convert the passionate pursuit of grace into a passionate pursuit of praise? The key is grounding yourself in the word of God. God’s word gives US a charge, a job, a duty, a responsibility……to go into all the world and preach the gospel! When you find yourself in a spiritual funk take the focus off yourself and put it on a hurting world around YOU. Guaranteeing yourself a next level with God!!


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