Stick to your Guns

August 29, 2011 — 1 Comment

Many times through your walk with Christ he will instill in you a vision that is specifically designed for you. A vision that was created and planned out by our mistake free God. The only thing you have to do is follow the plans he laid out for you. How you articulate your vision is the key to seeing to fulfillment. I haven’t been at this (Lead Pastor) stuff long but I have already learned a very important lesson. God specifically gives YOU a vision so that YOU can lead it. Being raised in church (28 years) I have been around long enough to occasionally see a person’s God given vision corrupted, snuffed out, halted, or extended because of others. These “others” aren’t necessarily bad people! But God didn’t give them your vision so they could lead it. Whatever the vision and whoever receives it must understand that it was specifically created for them and they must move forward in articulation and protect it from others trying to hijack it to become something THEY want it to be. Don’t get me wrong, many times you need others to help you see your vision fulfilled. And many times God will call others to help you see your vision fulfilled. But don’t make the mistake of settling for something other than what God has envisioned to you. Don’t go in a different direction just because others think you need to go there. Stick to your guns…………..the guns that God gave you! Aaron


One response to Stick to your Guns


    I agree. It is important that your vision lines up with you pastors vision. The Bible says, how can two walk together, unless they walk in unity. Love you guys. Will be praying for FFWC.

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