Vision Hacker Part 2

August 30, 2011 — Leave a comment

To know how you would correctly protect your vision from hijackers you must first know what you have. The primary fuel for a vision is understanding what it is and who it came from. Visions are important, precious, potentially life-changing, possibly career-changing, and something bigger than yourself! When you get a vision from God it seems like it is going to be impossible to accomplish…….but thats exactly what a vision is suppose to be. A vision requires prayer to God and steps of faith in God to see it through to fruition. If you have a vision that you can require on your own, i hate to break it to you but chances are it’s not something that God planted.

A God given vision is scary, it’s big, it’s unattainable by your own efforts. When God has placed inside of you something bigger than yourself it’s undeniable. You want to take every effort to protect it from harm or corruption. You shed blood, sweat, and tears over it. You have countless nights of no sleep over it. Sometimes you lose relationships because of it. After all this work you start to become attached to it in an inseparable way. But sometimes you must protect your vision from you! You have to remember that your vision is yours because God wanted to use you to accomplish it. Ultimately your vision is not yours… is God’s. Don’t hack your own vision by trying to take it a direction that YOU think it should go. Protect you vision by allowing God to guide your decisions through prayer and fasting. Don’t allow your own feelings, skills, and past keep you from learning the direction God is trying to lead you.



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