Lesson learned from my 3-year-old

September 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

Lately my son has been on a correctional rampage of good-fruit, bad-fuit. He has learned in FFKidz the importance of being a good fruit by doing things that are good and the results of doing bad things are, you guessed it, being a bad fruit. He is consistent in theory and practice by correcting dad, mom, and 6-month-old baby by recently telling her: “It’s rude to fart when your not in the bathroom. That’s a bad fruit!” I’m not sure 6-month-old baby got the point of this lecture but mom and dad have caught on. Yes, there are times he goes a little over the top and uses the term “bad fruit” more times than he asks the question: “Why?” And let me tell you that is a lot. But I find comfort in the fact that my child is learning the important life concept of good and evil.

I have heard him say many times that when your a bad fruit your insides are BLACK. His mom and I have used a little reverse psychology on him and when he does things wrong we tell him he is being a “bad fruit.” This undoubtedly drives him crazy! He hates being a bad fruit. He has an inner desire to be good. I think we all share that same desire. On the inside of everyone there is a desire to do what is right. For some that desire may be way, way down deep in some isolated dark place from not being used in a long time, but nonetheless its there. I believe that desire come from being created in the image of God. Ephesians 5:9 says “for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth.”

It’s funny how when your open to learning even a 3-year-old  can teach you something.


Big thanks to all the staff who is dedicated and creatively teaching our kids at FFWC. Your doing an awesome job!



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