Atheist Ovation

September 8, 2011 — Leave a comment

Have you ever thought about the faith it takes to be a Christian? To truly believe that God created everything and redeemed us from our sins by sending his only son to be sacrificed upon a cross for us? What about the faith it takes for an atheist to believe that the very existence of mankind evolved from a big bang or tadpole type creation?

After taking a walk through a park that was abundant in natures beauty, incredible waterfalls, historically old trees, and wildlife at every turn I started to think about these questions. I am a Christ follower to the very core of my salvation but started to think about the thinking process of an atheist. You have to admit their faith in the evolving process of creation is applaudable. My faith is based upon a God that has the unmatchable power to create a universe that is capable to provide for the billions of mankind and meet all our every physical needs…..I mean he is God. Shouldn’t he be able to do something powerful that no other being could replicate? Isn’t that what Gods are suppose to do? My faith rests in God (singular) with that kind of power.

But how much faith does it take to believe that everything was created out of chance or coincidence. Something took place and creates the perfect atmosphere for a globe that is tilted on the perfect axis to cultivate mankind. Not to mention the perfect GALAXY……all by chance and coincidence, and when you die thats the end! That takes faith!

Let me ask you one question. Would you rather your faith (future) be in God or in chance and coincidence? What happens if I’m wrong? What happens if your wrong?



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