How much does the next generation matter?

October 5, 2011 — Leave a comment

This week is kids/student appreciation week @FFWC and I have had the privilege to show gratitude and appreciation where it is due. I wish we were able to give these staff what they deserve, a two year all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. But in all reality the small things that we are able to do for them do not even remotely compare to what they truly deserve.
What they do is truly unique! Let’s face it we are all not cut out to be teachers of the next generation. Bad things would happen if I was required to fill that spot. FACT: Kids/youth would die or I would go insane. That may be a slight exaggeration but must of can relate to that analogy. But our staff has it figured out! They understand the future of our gospel is dependent upon the next generation to learn it.

This week I have taken some extra time to reflect upon the importance of the teachers of our next generation. These people are detrimental to the future viability of the church. If you haven’t told your kids/student staff how much you appreciate them…… couldn’t do it fast enough. But don’t stop with a thank you, showing interest and support are also just as important.



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