sticks in my craw

October 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

Something has really stuck in my craw recently. Leaders who don’t actually lead. Have you ever been around someone who just has it. You know, all the natural abilities that a leader would possess and that one person has all of them oozing from their persona. But there is one problem, they aren’t willing to sacrifice accommodation to lead. Becoming an accommodator is a scary place for a leader because when you start to make accommodations you lose focus of your direction. Accommodation can come in a variety of different looks, unwillingness to change, lack of follow through, and a lack of commitment to the truth are just a few that come to mind. But almost every example of accommodation you can think will point to one thing………..satisfaction. When a leader becomes satisfied with where they are they aren’t actually leading anymore. A leader must be willing to change, dedicated to following through with their commitments, and a burning desire for the truth. When a leader possesses these things they are willing to confront problems/people or anything else that would stand in their way from leading those who are committed to following. Don’t take your leading abilities for granted. LEAD!!!


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