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October 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

The cruciality of daily bible reading for a christian is paramount. It would be an understatement to say it’s difficult to know how to act as a christian without reading the rule book.  The bible is the foundation of our relationship with Jesus Christ. It offers guidance, morality construction, support, assurance, correction, and many other things every time you take the time to read it.  Why wouldn’t you want to read it everyday?! It’s like direct communication with God. That sounds pretty good doesn’t it? I would venture to say that the most important communication a person can participate in would be the one where they are communicating with the maker of this WORLD!

The good news is that now it is easier than ever before. Technology has put the bible at your convenience at every turn. Smartphones contain not only every version of the bible you could ever want but also concordances, devotionals, greek and hebrew translations. And currently there are more cell phones in America than there are people. Have a look for yourself. I can’t go anywhere without seeing someone with a cell phone. Young and old alike are becoming more and more techno savvy and the potential for evangelism increases.

It’s time to take advantage of this technology and redeem the word of God to the world. So tweet your favorite verse. Facebook your favorite religious quote. Blog about that upcoming event at your church. E-vite people to your bible study. Most importantly read your bible, communicate with God! Use the incredible tool of technology to spread the gospel across the world.

Lastly don’t let people make fun of your techno bible. If you use it, use it! The church should actually embrace cultures drive toward technology. Our church uses a free product called “Live Event” by Youversion which allows people to use their smart devices to follow along with the sermon. They can take notes, give, sign up for events all from their smart devices. To embrace this I preach all of my sermons from an iPad.



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