pop the questionA few days ago I was preparing a sermon on the topic of “love” when I stumbled across an analogy, because that’s usually how I come across the best ideas, that has the potential to strengthen every relationship in your life. Did he just say EVERY? Emphatically YES! For as long as I can remember which works congruently with google image (via the picture above) when you hear someone say “pop the question” it refers to someone asking for their significant other’s hand in marriage. Generally, sadly not always, this question comes after a person has fallen in love with the other and couldn’t live their life without them.

But aren’t we as Christians called to love everyone? The book of 1 John would surely reflect this fact. That’s when the analogy hit me. If we are suppose to love everyone and truly have a loving relationship with many of our family members, friends, co-workers and so on shouldn’t we be popping the question to them? No I am not telling you to become a polygamist. I am telling you to “pop the question,” ask that person if their eternity is secured by Jesus Christ!

It’s easy to fall into Christian amnesia and be friends with someone without ever bringing up the sometimes awkward question. But we are “there for them,” “call me if you need anything,” “brother/sister I got your back.” Let me put it simple………..I would dare to say that if you are a Christian and you have never asked that person you love if their eternity is secured then you really don’t love them. And can I add that it doesn’t matter how many Sundays you have attended church with them. For their sake and God’s “POP THE QUESTION”!!!



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