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June 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

ImageSo today I read a news post about an unruly woman who got a little carried away with the tambourine in a church in Oklahoma. (Fact. No one has ever said: “More tambourine!) The woman was subdued by the sheriff’s department after a minor altercation that ended up with the release of some pepper spray and a tazegun jolt. First off let me say that I wish I could have been there. Oh don’t act like you were surprised by me saying that, deep down you know you feel the same way. Talk about church getting everyone’s attention! There is no attention getter quite like a tazegun! I vote for doing it to people who fall asleep in the middle of church, people who insist on using the bathroom during the main point, babies who cry (ok, that last one was a joke). It could be the new protocol for ushers. They not only collect the offering, help people find seats, pass out tissues when needed, but now they carry a tazegun for Jesus!

As a pastor however, I would rather deal with an outspoken, unruly issue like this than many of the ones that pastors have to deal with on a consistent basis. It is much easier to address and confront an outspoken issue/person who is making a disturbance than it is to hunt down and seek out the secretive issues/person who are like poison to the culture, mission, and vision of the church. Don’t gossip, complain, bicker, judge, whine, or complain about leadership in your church. I didn’t say you will always agree with the decisions………when that time comes and you don’t agree, GO TO THAT LEADER. Don’t go to Facebook, twitter, text messages or your gossip group to talk about it. Support your leaders! Be a part of the church moving forward with the gospel, not a twig in the path that will cause it to trip.

And just so you know we are not having an issue like this @FFWCchurch right now but we have in the past and Im sure we will in the future because we live in a fallen world. Pastors, keep moving forward!

Oh by the way here is that article:


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