5 Things I have Learned from this Weekend

October 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

1. FFWC has been blessed with some incredible leaders who aren’t afraid to do hard work! These leaders are there to support one another and the Church as a whole. When together and all minds working toward the same goal they work, with precision and perfection, until the goal is accomplished.

2. It is not suggested, despite what some might say, to try and turn up the heat in the bedroom by downsizing beds. I’m not talking about changing from a California King, that is equivalent to three acres of fluffy mattress, down to a spacious queen. I am talking about downsizing two grown adults from a queen size down to a midget twin. Being close is awesome but hanging half off a bed that is 7 feet in the air will make a grown man pee himself. Closeness doesn’t always turn up the heat in the bedroom! But I must say there was something romantic about hanging on for dear life.

3. God is an incredible creator. PERIOD.

4. I am not as young, mobile, or agile as I used to be. I realized this after an afternoon rest period, which was much needed after the cliff hanger experience through the night and the team building course……which really should be called “I Will Break You”. But sometimes it’s refreshing, in a weird way, to realize you are older, less mobile, and more fragile than you used to be. Maybe it’s refreshing because you realize how far you have come and God is still there next to you……..even if you need a new back operation because you thought and acted like you were a 20 year old well-trained athlete. (Maybe that last part is just me?)

5. I am completely honored to lead FFWC toward our mission. I couldn’t think of a more fulfilling thing to do. It is overwhelming and humbling to see the quality of leaders who are battling with me to advance the Love of Christ.

Still passionately pursuing people with the love of Christ, with an incredible team!!!


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