Finding Your Identity

January 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

At times, if your like any other person on this planet, there may be periods of time in which you struggle with your identity. Depending on the individual that period of time could be short or overwhelmingly long. Currently our society breeds a “we are what we own” mindset. Our commercialized coalition of comrades decide who is allowed in and who is shunned from our circles by the brand-names that surround an individual. Conveniently eradicating the process of looking at a persons heart to see what kind of human he or she is can be a dangerous mistake to our relationship with Christ. Looking past the designer jeans, no matter how bedazzled they are, and setting your pride aside to ride in a “gently used” vehicle with someone can show more about who you are rather than the make of car you care to ride in.

But this concept requires some reflection on your part. Go ahead, take a look at your circle of friends. Do they all wear the same brands of clothing? Do they all drive new mid-sized SUVs? Do they all belong to the same club? Chances are the majority of the circle of your friends are very similar. Sometimes, unknowingly, you find yourself surrounded by a group of friends who hold a material standard of acceptance. This happens because of a mistaken identity. We conform to society standards and buy into the philosophy of “we are what we own” and search for happiness in purchases of unwarranted items that are overpriced to be accepted by people we don’t even like because we are worried how people view us and the type of people they see us with.

This poses a great problem for Christians because when we identify ourselves and others by material things our identity becomes an idolatry. Our identity is NOT found in what we own, instead our identity is found in who found us. Settling for an identity in anything other than Christ himself is selling out for idolatry. Your, my, Our identity was set by the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross. Trying to find an identity through anything other than Christ would be short-handing the his completed work! Your identity is found in the I AM!



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