Shame on you or shame on me?

October 3, 2013 — Leave a comment


Through life we make a series of chronological decisions. From the time we start to develop our independency until the day we fully lose it these decisions define us. They influence who we are, where we go, and what we do in life. They can influence that amount of successful moments and also our moments of failure. Those decisions when played out create a moment in time. And if you’re like every other person who has ever lived you remember those moments, especially the ones that end in failure! For some reason we are incredible historians when it comes to our own faults and failures. But this is a different kind of historian that you take on. This historian seems to have one job…… remind. We constantly remind ourselves of the horrible moments that we made while at the same time we are placing them in a vault that is kept in the deepest, darkest corner of our hearts for no one else to ever know about.

Occasionally people try to confront and overcome these retched moments but cannot endure the shame that comes back with them. Others will try to run from them by moving from town to town or from person to person, essentially trying to create more moments that will mask the old ones. But the shame never seems to leave. Pete Wilson, author of “Let Hope In“, says, “Shame is the heart disease of every era. People are dying from it – some quickly, others slowly.” We constantly try to figure out what to do with this shame and the definition it brings to our lives. Shame tells us that we don’t fit we don’t belong, and we don’t deserve. And more importantly it convinces us that we don’t deserve to be deserved. But the truth is…….we never deserved to be deserved! In order to deserve something you must have value. But your value isn’t generated by you, it can’t be! The only reason we have value is because God gives it to us. But instead we try measuring our value by ratio of good moments to bad moments in our life. Shame is not produced by past events. Shame is produced by what we believe about those events. Quit believing those past moments are what gives you value! You are valued because He values you enough to take your shame upon himself for you!

Pastor Aaron

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