A few things I learned from serving a Lock-in for 143 kids. 

February 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

So it’s 3:11am and I just got a chance to lay down on a couch that would comfortably fit a full grown three year old laying down or two very small lap dogs. My back hurts. My foot is swollen and bruised from an epic basketball fail two days ago. My body has taken in too much caffeine just to make it to this point and I’m pretty sure I’m sputtering out. There is a good chance that when I finally drift off to sleep they may just leave me here until it’s go time on Sunday morning. I’ve never preached with bed head but I’m not above it. 

I could talk about all the things that come standard with 143 kids in an enclosed room for 6+ active hours:

1. Kids sweat a lot

2. Getting three kids to eat a meal in a relatively formal fashion is rare so you can only imagine what 143 looks like. 

3. Kids have way more energy than I can remember having. 

4. From a Dad who has two daughters – a wall of seperation for nap time that includes threats, chairs, humans, and everything else you can think of…….is a must. 

Something I learned that seems to be atypical today is: 

1. When the gospel is taught in church it creates a church culture of adults who are willing to stay up way past their bedtimes, participate in foolish games, cheer til they have no voice, smell stinky feet, and get moved out of their comfort zone because they realize that it is more about serving others instead of serving themselves. 

2. The future of the Church looks bright. 

3. An event that statistically looks like it will fail can be a huge success because God’s love encourages us to work together and rely on him. 

4. I couldn’t be more proud of FFWC and the 30+ volunteers who made it happen tonight…….or last night……or whatever it’s 3 in the morning and you know what I mean. 

Signing off from the worlds tiniest couch with the most full and happy heart! 



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